Performance-priced insurance

When your drivers are safe, you save.

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Get rewarded for your safety,

not punished for others’ recklessness

Commercial auto insurance is broken.
And you’ve been paying for it.

Great for On-Demand fleets and TNCs, Fairmatic updates your premiums every month based on your drivers’ safe driving.

No more subsidizing other fleets’ bad habits!


A New Type of Insurance

Other insurers measure miles, not safety. Analyzing driving behavior means we can predict risk up to 6X* better, and give you the savings you deserve.

*Leading actuary Milliman found algorithms used in Fairmatic Insurance to be up to 6x more predictive of future crashes than the current industry standard.

New insurance technology harnesses the sensors in the smartphones your drivers already use. It gives you the transparency to see what’s going on with your drivers, and the power to improve it to better control your insurance costs.

Lower your insurance cost per mile by improving your pharmatic safety score

Save up to XX% on your monthly premium with a year of driver safety coaching*.

Your bottom 25% of drivers typically cause 50% of collisions.

Our dashboard lets you identify and coach them toward safer behavior and savings.

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No hardware needed

Quick and easy integration
with your existing app.

Our engineers will help.
In less than an afternoon,
you’re set for savings.